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Allied health professionals passionate about helping individuals with disabilities and other specific social, emotional and behavioural challenges. We love to work with our clients strengths and interests, to help them develop confidence and to further build the skills needed to lead happy, healthy and more successful lives.

Psychology & Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support


Positive Behaviour Support is an evidence-based, modern approach to challenging behaviours that seeks to improve quality of life by understanding why a person needs to engage in challenging behaviours, and then developing interventions to address that need.

Consultative Model

Positive behaviour support starts with a consultative model to gain insight into the complexities of a person's unique situation. This process becomes the basis for thinking about what to do next. Consultation includes the whole system which the person experiencing challenging behaviours is a part of, including home, residential service, school, or workplace. In fact, anywhere that a person comes into contact with.


We provide a range of clinical and functional behavioural assessments tailored to each individual setting. All assessments include a feedback report and consultation session to provide a summary of the findings and to make practical recommendations.

Support Plan And Therapeutic Intervention

Following assessment we support the development of an individualised and achievable behavioural intervention plan tailored to the individual context. If needed our behaviour specialists will work with the others in the Kiah therapeutic team to provide individuals with an interdisciplinary plan suited to their unique situation.

Training & Mentoring

In addition we provide supervision, training and mentoring to assist staff at any level to enhance reflective practice in the care and management of a person displaying challenging behaviours.

Program Review

We provide service and program reviews from assessment  to implementation of support plans. We can offer a  comprehensive review that will support your organisation to deliver best practice and innovative services.

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