Home Caring delivers a unique team & partner-based care model that includes both clients and staff as key stakeholders.

Our clients and partners include those directly impacted by a disability, condition or illness, along with their family members, nominees, supporters, friends and medical and health care teams.

You can be assured that our professional care staff are carefully matched to our clients needs.

Our Client Services and Administrative personnel are recruited for their expertise.

Each individual situation is different and so our services must be individually tailored for each person’s needs.  We first take the time to listen to and understand each client, find out about their needs and  goals before we then work together towards developing a unique solution.

Once the model of care is in place, there is an ongoing review and liaison to ensure that any changes in needs and goals are heard and continually being met.

Our staff qualifications include:

  • Local Nurses (registered)

  • Doctors & Allied Health Practitioners with qualifications/background

  • Certificate 3 and 4 and Diplomas in Disability, Aged Care & Community Services and AINs

  • Remedial Massage & Fitness Diplomas

  • Rostering specialists & Client Services Managers

  • Administrative Specialists


‘Disability’ spans a wide spectrum of conditions including intellectual, neurological, psychosocial, spinal, genetic, degenerative, and other permanent impairments. These conditions may be on a spectrum from mild to extremely complex and span all age groups. 

At Home Caring, we understand that there is clearly no ‘one-size-fits all’ in terms of a single Service Provider having the ability to deliver all optimal services and supports.  However, we do have wide experience with Disability and one-on-one Complex Care in particular and will strive to offer the best services possible. 

We look forward to you contacting us to explain your needs and to working together to deliver a great model of care. If we cant directly offer services to suit, we’ll always be able to make suggestions or refer you to others who may specialise in services to match your needs.


Many participants in the NDIS may be interested in shared accommodation or co-living arrangements.

Some advantages of this option include:

  • Easier access to specialised support

  • Participants can receive better care ‘on tap’

  • Relationships with like-minded people​

Home Caring works with our clients to develop these shared living options.

We have a particular focus on care for people with Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy  and other similar conditions.


Home Care  staff are experienced in supporting the process of readjustment and we know that adjusting back to home life after being in hospital isn’t always easy. 

If there has been a change in your care plan, our staff will work with you to optimise your care once you are out of  the hospital environment.

Our experienced staff understand the processes involved in post-hospital care. Whether you need help getting out and about again, assistance to get back to your place of work, or supportive clinical care, Home Care will work together with you as your partner in care through this process.


Experiencing ‘Disability’ shouldn’t mean that a holiday is out of the question.

Sure, sometimes complexities can seem to limit the options available, but Home Caring can work with you to develop supported holiday packages that might surprise you.


Please call us. Home Caring - changing what is possible.

ph: 1800 ​960 994